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Dr. Amy Patel’s recent ARS visit!

In Dr. Patel’s recent visit, she explained the importance of RADPAC. RADPAC and the ACR’s Government Relations (GR) team played a significant role in some major legislative accomplishments for our profession that passed Congress last week – read details here. Dr. Patel emphasized the efforts of RADPAC and the ACR’s GR staff for all they’ve done to ensure not just fair reimbursement for us but more importantly, the ability for us to continue to serve our patients.

In her capacity as a RADPAC Board member, she wanted to make one last appeal to you to support RADPAC before the end of 2021!

Last year, 39 radiologists from Arizona contributed to RADPAC (roughly 8% of Arizona’s radiology members) for a total of $17,198.

So far in 2021, just 24 radiologists from the state have contributed (roughly 5%) for a total of $9,334.

For your convenience, below is a QR code that will direct you to the RADPAC contribution page specifically set-up for Arizona Radiological Society members.


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