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March Madness RADPAC Challenge!

The RADPAC March Chapter Challenge is now underway!

The #marchchapterchallenge is an annual campaign to see which state chapter can rally the most members to contribute to RADPAC.

As the ACR’s political action committee, RADPAC makes sure that our voice and interests as early career radiologic professionals are well represented in Washington DC. This is becoming increasingly important as the healthcare debate continues under the new administration. We have already had a few victories in the name of Radiology over the past year, but we can’t let up in this fight. Let us help continue the trend!

There is no minimum contribution amount. Each contributor in the month of March earns their state chapter one point (only one contribution/person counts).

If a contributor signs-up for the $21 monthly (recurring) pledge from March through December, then the contributor’s contribution will count as 3 points. More information can be found at


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