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RADPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the ACRA. Its goal is to support the campaigns of pro-radiology candidates at the federal level through voluntary contributions of ACRA members.

RADPAC's growth in size and presence is very important as Congress addresses many issues affecting radiology such as mammography reimbursement; Medicare reform; patient safety; and medical liability. It is critical for radiology as a profession to have its voice heard on Capitol Hill through a bipartisan political action committee that supports Members of Congress and candidates running for Congress who are helpful to the radiology community.

RADPAC is one of the most successful physicians PAC's, ranking fourth out of thirty for hard money raised in 2018. In order to continue this success on behalf of radiologists, RADPAC relies on contributions from individuals and group practices.

For more information about RADPAC and how to contribute, please visit the RADPAC website!

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